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Basin Health & Spine Center of Williston, ND offers comprehensive neck and back pain treatments. They get their patients back to a daily routine in no time. Chiropractic medicine is gaining popularity in the healthcare industry because it can address neck and back pain without the use of pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures. For those seeking a cost-effective solution to their pain, Basin Health & Spine Center is a good place to start.

The common pain areas addressed are:

• Back—The lower back is an area commonly associated with chronic pain. As people age, the support structure surrounding the vertebrae in this area deteriorates, causing discomfort. After years of poor posture and decreasing flexibility, the muscles are prone to sprain or spasm. For example, many people pull their back while trying to move heavy objects. Case in point: do not haul your co-ed child’s couch up three flights of stairs.

• Neck—The tensions of the day are stored in the neck. An awkward night’s sleep or jarring collision can result in whiplash and severe pain. The pain can be temporary and local, chronic and radiating, and everything in between. Manipulation can alleviate the stresses and promote muscle health and flexibility in the region. They can run all the diagnostics necessary to determine if chiropractic treatments are the right course of action.

Living with chronic pain is no fun (cue the “Captain Obvious” remarks), but trying to tackle the issue alone is a recipe for disaster. A daily regimen of painkillers like aspirin and ibuprofen can only mask the symptoms, leaving the area open to greater risk should a more serious problem be the underlying cause.

Discover the pain-free life by getting the best treatments available! Basin Health & Spine Center works on all types of musculoskeletal pain as well.

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