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Basin Health & Spine Center of Williston, ND is certified to conduct a Department of Transportation health exam, also known as a DOT physical. The goal is to keep the roads safe by ensuring professional drivers are physically capable of performing their duties. While it may seem like overkill for a person sitting in a car all day, there are certain conditions that can make someone a risk while operating an 18-wheeler. Dr. Chase Theige is a member of the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.

The test is simple and easy. Oftentimes insurance does not cover the exam, though employers might. Feel free to direct any questions to Basin Health & Spine Center and they will point in the right direction. They have the forms and can complete a medical examiners certificate. The following are facts regarding the DOT physical:

• Health History—The examiner will need access to the patient’s medical history to determine if there are any relevant risk factors. Hypertension and diabetes are common, and can be monitored by arranging for future exams if deemed necessary.

• Exam—A physical, mental, and emotional health exam is performed. The examiner is specifically trained to be on the lookout for troubling characteristics not suited to a commercial driver. Drivers will be tested for vision, hearing, and muscular disorders, as well as other conditions like diabetes, respiratory problems, and nervous system health.

• Urine Test—There is also a urine test to screen for underlying health conditions.

Overall, the experience should be a simple and pleasant one. Chances are drivers have been through the exams before. The examiners at Basin Health & Spine Center are proficient at administering a DOT physical and have the utmost courtesy and respect for the personal medical information of their patients.

Get back on the road in no time!

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